Unleash your creativity!
Use your magic and wits to overcome 9 mysterious rooms!

You wander into a strange house made up of 9 connecting rooms.

Trapped, you solve the room’s puzzles to break out...
Only to find yourself trapped in another.

Lean into your intuition and let inspiration guide you,
as you boldly confront these mysteries head-on.
The newest edition of the popular Real Escape Game series,
Escape from The NINE ROOMS, which has welcomed over 200,000 players!

Time Limit
50 minutes
Total Time Spent
60 to 120 minutes max
Group Size
2-4 per team
*You will not be put with other players or groups.
*Must have at least 2 players.

Continue Option Available

If you run out of time mid-game, you can choose to add extra time (at a cost).

*Read more about the Continue Option here

As an apprentice wizard, you find yourself lost in the woods one day.
Just then, you chance upon the house of a wicked witch who lives there.

Suddenly, you are trapped in a room filled with puzzles and codes. You whip out your magic wand, and in an instant, flames erupt and thunder roars!

You use your magic to solve the puzzles in the room and open the sealed door... Only to end up in another.

The way out is said to lie beyond 9 rooms.
In one, a large cauldron boils. In another, portraits begin to speak.
What lies in the final room?

Use your magic and wits to overcome all 9 rooms!
Will you be able to escape from this mysterious house and return safely, or will fate have a different plan in store for you?

Purchase tickets

First, pick a day and time slot of your choice.
Invite friends and family to join you, and purchase tickets!

Head to Tokyo Mystery Circus

The game venue is on the 5th floor of Tokyo Mystery Circus.

Check in at the Reception

Please check in at the Reception starting from 10 minutes before and up till 40 minutes after the time written on your ticket. You can start playing anytime within this time frame!

*It is first-come, first-served for each time slot. You may have to wait up to 40 minutes before the game starts. Please set aside ample time when coming. We will give you a number tag and will call that number when it is your turn. Please stay close to the reception area while you wait. (If you have the LINE app, we can notify you of your turn and you may leave the area until then.)

Start the game!

Solve all of the puzzles within a time limit of 50 mins and break out of all 9 consecutive rooms to escape from the witch's house.
Hints are available at fixed intervals, so it's friendly for beginners as well!

If you reach the 9th room

The 9th and final room alone has a maximum time limit of 10 minutes, and no hints will be available.

▼9th (Final) Room Rules▼

Even if your time remaining is more than 10 minutes, once you enter the 9th room, you will automatically be restricted to a 10-minute time limit.

In addition, if your time remaining is less than 10 minutes, you will only have that remaining time to conquer the 9th and final room.

End of the game!

There will be no ending explanation once you reach the time limit. You can challenge this game as many times as you like.

  • Weekday
  • Weekends, Holidays & High Season
  • U22 Fanclub members/Weekday On-the-day tickets only
  • Continue Option & Retry Prices
Advanced On-the-day (Online/At the venue)
4-Player Ticket 3,000yen × 4
3,300yen × 4
3-Player Ticket 3,200yen × 3
3,500yen × 3
2-Player Ticket 3,400yen × 2
3,700yen × 2
Advanced On-the-day (WEB/At the venue)
4-Player Ticket 3,300yen × 4
3,600yen × 4
3-Player Ticket 3,500yen × 3
3,800yen × 3
2-Player Ticket 3,700yen × 2
4,000yen × 2
Advanced On-the-day (Online/at the venue)
4-Player Ticket ――― 1,650yen × 4
3-Player Ticket ――― 1,750yen × 3
2-Player Ticket ――― 1,850yen × 2
Advanced On-the-day (Online/at the venue)
Continue ――― 1,000 yen x no. of players
Retry Ticket ――― 1,000 yen x no. of players
*All prices shown are inclusive of tax.
*Continue Option fee & Retry ticket prices are the same regardless of the day/type of ticket.
▼What is the Continue Option?▼

If you run out of time during the first 8 rooms, you can extend your play time by 10 minutes by pressing the continue button displayed on your tablet.

*The "Continue Option" can only be purchased on the day in cash.
*Fees applicable. All members of the group will be charged. Please consult with each other carefully as a group before making your decision.
▼What is a Retry Ticket?▼

Players who clear the first 8 rooms but fail the final room will receive a "Retry" Card.
The card will allow you to buy a special ticket to challenge only the final room again at a cheaper price with a 10-min time limit.

*The "Retry Ticket" can only be purchased on the day in cash.
*You can use the ticket on another day.
Since there's no advanced booking available for this ticket type, you may not be able to play if it is too crowded.
This event is eligible for the U22 members discount.
Anyone below 22 years old can get on-the-day weekday tickets at half price if they sign up to be members of the SCRAP FUN CLUB.
Check here for details.
*The website is only in Japanese.
  • Event dates:
    October 29, 2023 onwards

Ticket Calendar

Venue Info

APM Building, 1-27-5, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0021


JR Shinjuku Station East Exit (7-minute walk)
Seibu-Shinjuku Station (2-minute walk)
Tokyo Metro Shinjuku-sanchōme Station (10-minute walk)
Tokyo Metro Higashi-Shinjuku Station (10-minute walk)

Success / Failure Sticker Set
300 yen per set
Square-shaped: 50x50mm | Diameter: 55mm | 2 Versions
Real Escape Game collectors item!
Whether you succeeded or not, take home a memento of your hard work with you!

*Only in Japanese.
Puzzle Tea Book
1,500 yen
Package: 110×125×35mm | 2 Teabags Included | Download card for “Escape from the Witch’s House in the Woods” Theme Song Included
A puzzle-filled tea book* with a story that comes before you wander into the witch’s house in the woods! You’re locked in another house in your dreams!?
Enjoy some black tea while indulging in a story of mysteries and music. Use it as a home decoration after you’re done!

*Only in Japanese.
*Does not include spoilers of the event.
*Can be played at home or anywhere.
Character Magnet
600 yen each / 3,000 yen as a set
Magnet: 45×70mm | Bonus Card*: 75×65mm | 5 Versions, Sold at random
Take a resident from the witch's house back home with you!
The bonus card* features a story that was not revealed in the event!

*The complete set will have each version of the magnet (total 5) included.
*Only in Japanese.
Acrylic Keychain
900 yen
Keychain (Comes with a stand ) : 50×70mm | Letter*: 85×106mm
Introducing an exclusive item only available for those who escaped the game!
The perfect item to show off your achievement. Comes with a stand so you can display it at home too, and includes a special letter* from a certain character!

*Only in Japanese.
▼What is Real Escape Game?▼

Real Escape Game (REG), created by SCRAP, is the world's first in-person live-action escape game. Entire amusement parks and stadiums are rented out for this interactive and immersive experience.
Since 2007, over 10,900,000 people have played REG, and SCRAP's games have captured the hearts of global fans as an immersive and engaging form of entertainment, allowing them to expand from Japan to the U.S., Europe, and other parts of Asia like Shanghai, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Real Escape Game Official Website