SCRAP×SNOOPY Puzzle Game Project SCRAP×SNOOPY Puzzle Game Project
Currently ongoing at Tokyo Mystery Circus in Shinjuku!


For the first time in Japan, Real Escape Game pioneers SCRAP and everyone’s favorite beagle, the “world famous” Snoopy, will come together for a puzzle-packed collaboration!

Tokyo Mystery Circus, home to “the most puzzles in the world”, will become the stage for the “SCRAP×SNOOPY Puzzle Game Project”. Grab a ticket to join Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang for this real-life puzzle game/event and make sure to check out our limited edition original merchandise too!
1st Edition currently on-going - 2nd Edition will start 11 June (Thu)!

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  • Real-life Puzzle Game / Event
  • Original Merchandise

Real-life Puzzle Game / Event

During this live interactive event, you will explore Tokyo Mystery Circus in real-time and progress through the storyline as you solve a variety of puzzles.

The game will start as soon as you have exchanged your ticket for an envelope (containing this event’s game kit) at the Reception Counter.
Use either LINE or Facebook Messenger to communicate with Snoopy and work together to solve a plethora of puzzles as you explore Tokyo Mystery Circus for clues!

There is no time limit or maximum number of players. If you find yourself stuck, you can check out this game’s official LINE or Facebook account for hints. This game can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless if you are just a beginner or a puzzle-solving pro!

Venue Tokyo Mystery Circus

APM Building B1 to 5th floor, 1-27-5, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0021

JR Shinjuku Station East Exit (7-minute walk)


2nd Edition June 11 (Thu)〜

Snoopy and the Secret Recipe

Snoopy and the Secret Recipe

Help Snoopy complete his 'Special Dessert'!

Snoopy just remembered that he sent out invitations to his brothers and sister for their birthday party - happening that very day! Can you save Snoopy’s day by helping him complete his ‘Special Dessert’?

Ticket / Price Information

Advance Ticket / On-the-Day Ticket: Both 1,700 yen

Advance Ticket with Merchandise: 4,700 yen

What is the ‘Advance Ticket with Merchandise’?

Advance Ticket with Merchandise

‘Advance Ticket with Merchandise’ will consist of one game kit for ‘Snoopy and the Secret Recipe’, and 2 pouches sporting original designs with puzzles hidden in them (puzzles are in Japanese)!

Orange (Large): 200mm x 150mm
Green (Small): 150mm x 100mm

Time Limit: Nil/Estimated Play Time: 60-90 min/Number of Players: 1+/Online Reservation Available
Click here for How to Play and Important Points
Click here for 2st Edition Original Merchandise!
1st Edition 21 Nov 2019 (Thu) 〜

Snoopy and the Clue Solving Circus

Snoopy and the Clue Solving Circus

Solve all of the puzzles and find Snoopy's Leader Badge!

Oh no! “World-Famous Circus Leader” Snoopy’s Leader Badge has been stolen!
Can you solve the set of puzzles that arrived in a mysterious envelope addressed to Snoopy and get our world-famous circus leader's badge back?

Game kit photo

↑Game kit photo

Ticket / Price Information

Advance Ticket / On-the-Day Ticket: Both 1,700 yen

Time Limit: Nil/Estimated Play Time: 60-90 min/Number of Players: 1+/Online Reservation Available
Click here for How to Play and Important Points
Click here for 1st Edition Original Merchandise!



Strawberry Soda Pop

500yen (tax not included)

Milk Chocolate Latte: Snoopy ver

500yen (tax not included)

Snoopy's "Secret Recipe" Parfait

600yen (tax not included)

Original Merchandise

SCRAPxSNOOPY presents brand new limited edition original merchandise!

2nd Edition


1,400Yen each

2 versions/Diameter: 80mm × Height: 92mm

Paper Napkin


Size: 330mm×330mm/10 per set

Cork Coaster Set


Diameter: 90mm/6 per set

Sticker Sheet with Puzzle


Size: A5

A4 Plastic File Folder

900Yen each

2 versions/Size: A4


800Yen each

2 versions/Length: 140mm

Artcard Set with Puzzle


Postcard size/5 cards per set

Decorative Masking Tape with Puzzle


Handkerchief with Puzzle


Size: 30cm×30cm

Tin Badge, Magnet, Sticker

300Yen each

12 versions (6 tin badges, 3 magnets, 3 2-sticker sets)/Sold at random

1st Edition

Plush Doll


Height: 300mm

Sticker Sheet



A4 Plastic File Folder

900Yen each

2 versions/Size:A4 





800Yen each

2 versions/Length: 140mm

Decorative Masking Tape





Artcard Set


Postcard-size/5 cards per set



Size: 30cm×30cm

Mini Tote Bag


Dimensions: 250mm×220mm×120mm


300Yen each

5 versions (Sold at random)


300Yen each

3 versions (Sold at random)

Sticker Flakes

300Yen each

5 pcs per set/3 versions (Sold at random)



Ladies:S, M/ Mens:L

Clip-On Earrings






What is SCRAP?

SCRAP Co., Ltd was established in 2008. From amusement parks to stadiums, SCRAP’s trademark "Real Escape Game" can take place just about anywhere. SCRAP also produces its own puzzle-themed books and smartphone apps, and works with TV channels and businesses nationwide to promote puzzles.
SCRAP is now internationally renowned as the pioneers of the escape game industry, and a real-life puzzle game/event planning production company, and it all started from a free magazine publishing company in Kyoto (highly-acclaimed, but serialization has since stopped). SCRAP also has its own official fan club (SCRAP FUN CLUB).
Through collaborating with well-known TV channels and record labels, SCRAP continues to bring the next generation of entertainment to Japan.

SCRAP Official Website (Japanese Only)

SCRAP Official Website

Real Escape Game Official Website
(Available in English)

Real Escape Game Official Website