Play it at TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS in Shinjuku!
Extended until 23 Nov 2020! More Info Here
Work with Lupin and steal the "Phantom Jewel"!

The most thrilling experiential game event "Real Stealth Game" collaborates with the popular animation "Lupin the 3rd"!

You are a newbie thief, working with Lupin, Jigen and Goemon to infiltrate a museum and steal the "Phantom Jewel". The venue is crawling with traps, as well as Inspector Zenigata!

Dive into a brand new, original storyline with Lupin!

Online Reservations Accepted
Requires Physical Movement
Open almost everyday
Challenge as a team of 1~3

Game Details

Real Stealth Game x Lupin the 3rd
"Mission: Infiltrate the Noir Museum"
- Work with Lupin and steal the Phantom Jewel! -
"The target is
the Phantom Jewel - Maria's Eye."

Lupin declared a few days ago.
"I want your help to steal it. I have faith in your infiltration skills."

After receiving the warning letter from Lupin, the Noir Museum entered a lockdown and formed an anit-Lupin security.
Inspector Zenigata rushes to the scene. The museum had become a fortress waiting for Lupin and his gang.

Hidden in the shadows behind the museum, you wait for Lupin's instructions.
Lupin's voice rolls in through your transmission device.
"Are you ready? Let's begin this mission!"

Guards armed with guns. Unconventional traps. And a secret hidden within the Noir Museum...
Can you work with Lupin and successfully steal the Phantom Jewel, "Maria's Eye"?!

Start Date

Extended until 23 Nov 2020!
Open almost everyday!

Game Timings

Game SlotRegistration PeriodWeekdayWeekend/PH
10:0009:50 - 10:50-
11:0010:50 - 11:50-
12:0011:50 - 12:50
13:0012:50 - 13:50
14:0013:50 - 14:50
15:0014:50 - 15:50
16:0015:50 - 16:50
17:0016:50 - 17:50
18:0017:50 - 18:50
19:0018:50 - 19:50
20:0019:50 - 20:50

*You can enter from 10min before to 50min after the time stated on your ticket.
E.g. If the session starts at 11AM → You can enter anytime between 10:50AM and 11:50PM

Game Venue

3F: Real Stealth Area (Reception on 2F)

APM Building, 1-27-5, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0021
JR Shinjuku Station East Exit (7-minute walk)

Play Style

This game allows for 1~3 players per team.
Up to 30 players can be playing at the same time. However, the game must be challenged in groups of 1~3.

- Time limit: 40min
- Total estimated time: 40-100min

If you are seen and shot by an enemy, the time you have to clear the game will decrease. Therefore, the time taken to play the game varies with players.

How to Participate

Buy tickets

① Get tickets in advance! →Buy Advance Tickets online② Play today! →Buy On-the-day Tickets
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Sign in at the reception counter on the 2F on the date and during the time of the ticket you purchased.
※Please understand that depending on the crowd, you may have to wait a maximum of 60min until your turn. In such cases, you will be given a ticket number to wait your turn.

Infiltrate the museum

Equip yourself with the mission vest and tablet. Listen to the briefing and start your mission!

Steal the phantom jewel!

Work together with your teammates to clear the traps and accomplish your mission within 40 mins.

For First-time Players

You will be moving around inside the venue. To have a successful mission, please come in comfortable clothes and shoes. The staff will explain how the game is played before you begin, so beginners are welcome too!

More info on how to play / Venue pictures

Ticket Info / Purchase

Ticket Price

Regarding Price Changes【Published on July 22, 2020】

From August 1, 2020, onwards, ticket prices for all games will be modified. Weekday prices, and Weekends, Holidays & High Season* prices will be applied accordingly.

■ Tickets purchased by July 31st

→All tickets on sale can be purchased at the Weekday price.
*Note: For English game, only On-the-Day tickets are available for purchase.

■ Tickets purchased after August 1st

→Weekdays or Weekends, Holidays & High Season prices will apply.

Please check the following page for more details regarding the price change.

*You will be sent to the Japanese website.

Weekday Prices
Advance Ticket
On-the-day Ticket
Trio Ticket
Play as a 3-person team
Pair Ticket
Play as a 2-person team
Solo Ticket
Play alone
4,100yen(1 person)
4,500yen(1 person)
Continue Option
800yen / Extend for 10min (only cash accepted)
Weekend, Holiday & High Season Prices
Advance Ticket
On-the-day Ticket
Trio Ticket
Play as a 3-person team
Pair Ticket
Play as a 2-person team
Solo Ticket
Play alone
4,400yen(1 person)
4,800yen(1 person)
Continue Option
800yen / Extend for 10min (only cash accepted)
More about the ticketing system

Play with friends as a team of 3!

Buy the discounted Trio Ticket!
You will be guided as a group so make sure everyone is present before coming.

Play with a friend as a team of 2!

Buy the Pair Ticket!
Challenge the mission with just 2 people.
You will not be grouped with people you don't know.
Enter only when both of you are present.

Infiltrate on a solo mission!

Buy the Solo Ticket!
Challenge the mission on your own!

*"High Season" includes Golden Week, the New Year holidays, summer vacation holidays, and any major holiday period. Please be sure to check the prices when purchasing a ticket.
*All tickets are time-slot tickets, and cannot be used outside of the time stated.
*You can play the game anytime during the registration period stated on your ticket.

Buy Tickets

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What is Lupin the 3rd?

Overcoming adversity with his wits, the great thief Lupin the 3rd is known to steal everything he targets.

The series started as a manga in 1967, and was made into an animation in 1971. Since then, "Lupin the 3rd" has expanded into animation movies, live-action movies, games and many more. For over 50 years, "Lupin the 3rd" has won the hearts of many, not only in Japan, but all over the world.

In 2018, a new season "Lupin the 3rd Part 5" aired in Japan and Crunchyroll and in 2019 January, a new TV Special was broadcasted. Even now, this series remains popular across generations.

© Monkey Punch / TMS ・NTV

What is Real Stealth Game?

A spy and action immersive game where you become an agent infiltrating the enemy's base to complete your mission. In this collaboration with Lupin the 3rd, sneak pass security guards armed with guns, use your Lpad to gain information about the museum and break through the traps!

Tune your ears to the footsteps of security guards, hush your voice and hide. Predict your enemy's movements and infiltrate the museum to steal the treasure. Enjoy such thrills and live out a different reality in this new action game, produced by SCRAP - the creator of Real Escape Game.

Important Points

About Tickets

  • The Trio Tickets are for a team of 3 players, the Pair Tickets for 2, and the Solo Ticket for a single player to challenge the game. If you buy these tickets, you will not be paired up with another random player.
  • You will require a ticket to participate in this game. Please buy the correct ticket(s) for your group size, and remember to bring it on the day.
  • Children age 6 and above will require a ticket.
  • Due to safety reasons, children age 5 and below are not allowed to participated even in the presence of an adult. We seek your understanding on this.
  • Children of age 15 and below are not allowed to participate by themselves. An adult of age 20 and above must be in the group and accompany the children at all times.
  • We are unable to process refunds after the purchase of tickets has been made.
  • In the case of severe weather or other hazardous situations that require the game to be cancelled, please check the main website ( > TOPICS) for updates.
  • If advance tickets are sold out online, there will be no on-the-day tickets either.

About the Game

  • This game allows for 1~3 players per team.
  • Throughout the game venue, up to 30 players can be playing at the same time. However, the game must be challenged in fixed groups.
  • Please understand that depending on the crowd situation, you may have to wait a maximum of 60min until your turn. In such cases, you will be given a ticket number to wait your turn. Please put aside ample time when you visit.
  • Due to the level of puzzles, the recommended age is 12 and above.
  • When your time is up, a 10-minute extension of the game is possible at an additional 800yen/person.
    ※This option to extend may not be allowed during peak periods and the last session of the day.
    ※The 10-minute "Continue" option must be used by all players in the team.
  • Unlike other Real Escape Games, you are allowed to play the game more than once.

On the Day

  • You will be moving around the venue, so we recommend coming in comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • You can store your belongings in our free lockers (30x36x42cm).
  • Due to the nature of the game, please refrain from wearing high heels.
  • The game venue rents out crocs and pants if your outfit is not appropriate for the game.

Other Important Points

The following people will not be able to participate

As you will have to move a lot during the game, participants with the following conditions cannot participate. If you are unsure about your eligibility to participate, please contact the store and inquiry beforehand.

  • Expecting mothers
  • Wheelchair-bound participants
  • Those with walking disabilities
  • People who have consumed alcohol (even 1 drink)

If you are unsure whether you can play, please check here or inquire beforehand.

For Non-Japanese Players

  • This game is available in both English and Mandarin Chinese as well!

About Photography/Spoilers

  • There will be a designated photo booth to take photos at after the game. No photography or videography is allowed during the game.
  • Uploading spoilers in the form of photos or text on a blog, Twitter, Facebook, or any other digital platform is strictly prohibited.
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