Important PointsImportant Points

About Game Tickets

  • The entertainment facility is free entry. Anyone, even without tickets, can enter the building.
  • There is a fixed capacity for each game area and game time slot. If advanced tickets are sold out online, there will be no at-the-door tickets either.
  • The ticket can only be used on the date and during the time stated on it.
  • The entry time varies with different games. Due to the nature of the games, you may not be able to join the game if you arrive late. Please come early to avoid disappointment.
  • Pre-school children must be accompanied by a guardian to enter the building.
  • We are unable to process refunds after the purchase of tickets has been made. Also, once a ticket is bought, it cannot be changed to another category of ticket, so please be careful when purchasing tickets.
  • Reselling of tickets is prohibited under any circumstances.

In case of rainy weather or severe weather conditions

Including games that are played outdoors, the games will still be conducted even in rainy conditions. However, in the case of severe weather conditions or other natural disasters where there is no choice but to halt game operations, an announcement will be made on the official website. We are unable to take responsibility for your transportation fee to the venue in such situations.

Items that are not allowed inside

Items prohibited by the law
The possession of illegal or dangerous goods is punishable by law. Please also refrain from bringing in items that resemble or can be mistaken for illegal or dangerous goods such as guns, swords, and flammable or toxic chemical substances even if they are toys. There is a risk of being apprehended on site.
Food and drinks
Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the building. There is a cafe on the 1st floor if case you are hungry or thirsty.
Regarding objects with wheels (With the exception of wheelchairs)
Bicycles, unicycles, kick scooter, roller blades, inline skates, skateboards, electric/motorized segways etc are not allowed to be brought or used inside the building. Also, it is dangerous to use roller shoes indoors so please refrain from it.
Animals (With the exception of service dogs)
Other than service dogs, guide dogs, and hearing dogs, no animals or pets are allowed in the building.