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【2024.1.29 UPDATE】 Renovations Scheduled for Feb 13 (Tue) to Feb 28 (Wed), 2024. Reopening Feb 29 (Thu) 2024

【2024.1.29 UPDATE】 Renovations Scheduled for Feb 13 (Tue) to Feb 28 (Wed), 2024. Reopening Feb 29 (Thu) 2024

In 2017, TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS opened its doors in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho, aiming to share with the district’s visitors the wonders of its immersive storytelling entertainment and elevate Kabukicho into an even more attractive and enjoyable city. In these past 6 years, we’ve provided this latest form of entertainment to over 2,300,000 guests.

Approaching its 7th year, Tokyo Mystery Circus will enter a renovation period and reopen on February 29th (Thur), 2024. To upgrade our space into one that is more accessible and easy to stop by, the 1st and 2nd floors will begin its renovations. The Lightbulb Bookshop – Lampdou (謎専門書店「らんぷ堂」) will be moved to the 1st floor, while HIMITSU COFFEE and the GOODS SHOP, which sells merchandise, will be remodeled.

From February 13 (Tue) to February 28 (Wed), 2024, the 1st and 2nd floors will be closed. In addition, some of our events will be temporarily suspended. Please see below for more details.


【About merchandise sales】

Merchandise sales will be held on the 5th floor. Along with merchandise of Tokyo Mystery Circus’ ongoing events and the『地下謎への招待状』game kit (only available in Japanese), SCRAP original merchandise, SCRAP Publications, and Real Escape Game online game kits will also be on sale.

*Regarding SCRAP original merchandise, SCRAP Publications, and the Real Escape Game online game kits, some items may not be available. Please consider purchasing online or from SCRAP’s other store locations.

REAL ESCAPE ROOM Higashi-Shinjuku


SCRAP GOODS SHOP (Online store)

*Please click here for more info regarding the availability of『地下謎への招待状』game kits (only available in Japanese).


【About entering the building】

For those participating in events during the renovation period, please gather in front of the automatic doors at the front of the TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS building at your event’s assigned check-in time. A staff member will guide you in the order of your scheduled time.


【Important points】

  • All TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS ongoing events will have walk-in tickets for sale during their reception hours on every floor only when there is an open time slot available. For payment methods, we only accept cash or PayPay. Since we expect it to be crowded, we recommend that you purchase online tickets beforehand.
  • *Online tickets are also available for on-the-day purchase.
  • The 1st floor café and bar HIMITSU COFFEE will be closed. Please click here for more information regarding sales for the 『呪霊に支配された廃村からの脱出』(only available in Japanese) collaboration menu.
  • The 2nd floor Lightbulb Bookshop – Lampdou (謎専門書店「らんぷ堂」) will be closed.
  • We will no longer be able to hold on to customers’ luggage. If you have suitcases or large bags, please leave them in a public coin locker beforehand.


  • During the renovation period, only the events listed below will be running. Anything not listed here will be temporarily suspended.

Running Events

  • 『呪霊に支配された廃村からの脱出』(Only in Japanese)
  • 『マジカルアニマルだらけの異世界からの脱出』(Only in Japanese)
  •  The Magical Cauldron: The Culinary Academy’s Final Exam
  •  Escape from the Witch’s House in the Woods
  •  Escape from the Runaway Train
  •  Real Escape Game x Haunted House: Sadako and the Cursed Video
  • 『十人の憂鬱な容疑者』(Only in Japanese)


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.