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Bring excitement into your life with mysteries and puzzles! Tokyo Mystery Circus will reopen its doors on February 29th, 2024 (Thu) after a revamp! Look forward to special offers commemorating this occasion!

Bring excitement into your life with mysteries and puzzles! Tokyo Mystery Circus will reopen its doors on February 29th, 2024 (Thu) after a revamp! Look forward to special offers commemorating this occasion!

Tokyo Mystery Circus opened in 2017 in Shinjuku, Kabukicho, to share the wonder of live entertainment through narrative experiences, with hopes to make Kabukicho an even more desirable and enjoyable destination for all! Over the past six years since its opening, we have delivered exciting and immersive entertainment to over 2.3 million customers.

In its 7th year, Tokyo Mystery Circus is undergoing a full renovation of the 1st and 2nd floors to create a space that is “more accessible and welcoming” and to further establish itself as the “flagship store” representing Real Escape Game.

Bringing you a warm and welcoming space.

As part of this renewal, Tokyo Mystery Circus will tear down its “mysterious” glass facade, making the interior more visible to the outside and allowing even first-time visitors to easily step inside.

Additionally, we will redesign the area within the first-floor area to allow guests to enjoy Tokyo Mystery Circus more efficiently. This includes smoother processes for ticket purchases, buying food and drinks, participating in events, and purchasing merchandise. We encourage you to explore the events you’d like to participate in, experience them while enjoying food and drinks, and consider buying merchandise as a souvenir after the event.

The Lightbulb Bookshop–Lampdou–will move to the 1st floor.

The mystery bookstore “Lampdou” which has been on the 2nd floor will be relocated to the 1st floor. “Lampdou” is a bookstore curated by SCRAP, the creator of Real Escape Game, offering carefully selected books and goods. Whether you enjoy experiences through stories, love solving mysteries, are interested in puzzle creation, or have a curiosity for unique items, we have a diverse range of products to provide you with an opportunity to “encounter” new stories and products. Please feel free to visit us on this occasion.

The HIMITSU COFFEE cafe on the 1st floor will now offer two original blends!

The “HIMITSU COFFEE” cafe located on the 1st floor will offer two types of original blends. You can choose between the “HIMITSU Blend” and the “Inspiration Blend” based on your mood for the day, allowing you to savor completely different flavors.

To make the delicious blends more enjoyable, you can purchase a drink at half price by showing your event ticket at the cafe before participating in your event. This offer is valid from February 29th (Thu) to March 31st (Sun). Take this opportunity to try out these flavors.

Revamp Campaign–Special Offers!

🧸Feb 29 (Thu) – Mar 3 (Sun) 2024: Free Cookies

To celebrate the revamp of the facility, Tokyo Mystery Circus’s very own adorable mascot, Kumakey, will be giving out free cookie samples!

🔑Feb 29 (Thu) – Mar 31 (Sun) 2024: Half Price Off Popular Events!

The following three experiences will be available at half their original price:
・Escape from The Prison
・ある隠し金庫からの脱出 (Only in Japanese)
・摩訶不思議な部屋からの脱出 (Only in Japanese)

🛍Feb 29 (Thu) – Mar 31 (Sun) 2024: Enjoy your visit to the fullest! Scratch Card Campaign

For those who make a purchase at the “GOODS SHOP” and the bookstore on the 1st floor, a scratch card will be given as a gift for each transaction! You can instantly win prizes such as event tickets and drink coupons, allowing you to fully enjoy Tokyo Mystery Circus!

More new, exciting games like “The Mysterious Wall” coming to the 2nd floor!

On the newly renovated 2nd floor, we are planning to release the highly popular game from SCRAP, 『謎の壁からの脱出』 (Only in Japanese). You and your friends will work together and communicate through a wall to conquer a mysterious barrier separating you. Filled with peculiar shapes, locked windows, and enigmatic items, 『謎の壁からの脱出』 (Only in Japanese) is packed with strange mechanisms. A casual and enjoyable experience that you can play with your friends!


We have more plans to announce new events at the renewed Tokyo Mystery Circus. Please stay tuned for more information. For details, follow the official Tokyo Mystery Circus account on X (formerly Twitter) (Only in Japanese) !