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Price change from August 1st (Sat) for Weekdays and Weekend, Holiday & High Season

Price change from August 1st (Sat) for Weekdays and Weekend, Holiday & High Season

At SCRAP, we strive to create a safe and ideal environment for all of our players.
As a result, from August 1 (Sat) onwards, selected games and events will have different prices for slots on weekdays versus slots on the weekend, holiday & high season.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 at Tokyo Mystery Circus and all of SCRAP’s stores and event locations, we will be implementing“SCRAP’s 10 Measures to Keep Covid-19 Away”.

In particular, to uphold social distancing as best as we can, we will be limiting the number of players for game slots on Saturdays and Sundays, Japanese public holidays, and peak holiday periods (Shortened as: Weekend, Holiday & High Season).
Apart from limiting capacity, all stores will also conduct temperature taking for all customers, and additional sanitizing of items and surfaces, which, unfortunately, will result in an increase in operational costs.

To continue providing a safe environment for all our customers, we will be increasing some of our ticket prices. We sincerely seek your understanding on this matter.

Majority of our players visit our stores during the weekend, holiday, and high season periods.
By implementing a higher price for these days, we hope that our customers can consider playing our games on a weekday instead, where ticket prices are cheaper, thus reducing close contact with other players and the risk of transmission.

We seek your understanding and cooperation in helping us build a safer environment where everyone can enjoy some much-needed entertainment during this difficult time.

The new prices (if applicable) will be listed on each game’s event page across all our websites.
Please make sure to check the relevant game pages for more information.